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Dr. Mireia Musquera Felip is a urologist from the Uro-oncology Department of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona  and is head of the surgical aspects of renal transplantation
She obtained a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Universidad de Barcelona and a doctorate from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.
She performed a fellowship in laparoscopic surgery in Brussels and in uro-oncology at the University of Toronto.
She specialises in uro-oncology, renal transplantation and minimally invasive surgical techniques (laparoscopy, robot-assisted surgery).
She has vast experience in clinical research, especially in the areas of urological tumours (renal, bladder and prostate cancers) and 
renal transplantation.
She is an Associate Professor and gives classes in
urology and renal transplantation in the Faculty of Medicine at the Universidad de Barcelona.
She is the director of several subjects and gives advanced skill classes in Master programmes at the Universidad de Barcelona, in particular in uro-oncology and renal transplantation.
She has participated in multiple presentations in national and international congresses, and regularly publishes articles in leading scientific journals.
She is a member of the Renal Transplantation Board of the European Association of Urology, member of the National Urology Commission and is also a teaching coordinator.

Mireia Musquera

Dr Musquera will issue a medical report after a thorough revision of the medical history, reports and tests provided by the patient, giving them a second opinion on their case.
Receive a first-rate second medical opinion, in the shortest time possible, with utmost confidentiality and without needing to leave the house.

Steps to follow:

In the reason for patient consultation section you will be able to explain everything that is needed to find out about your medical problem.
You will be then asked to attach any medical documentation available. We recommend that, before starting a request for a second opinion, you compile together all the medical information you are going to attach. (See next section on documentation required).
Your doctor can give you an updated summary of your medical history record which may include your current treatment.
Next the patient’s details will be requested, and in the event that the applicant has a second opinion from a third party other than the patient, for example a doctor, their details will also be requested.

There are 3 forms of secure payment available: credit card, paypal or bank transfer.
You will receive an email confirming your payment once we have proof of payment.

With the consultation and medical documentation attached, our professional will issue a second medical opinion (see next section for charges). Once the medical report is complete, the patient will receive an email with a username and password giving secure access to their second medical opinion site where they can view and download the report.

From that moment, and only for questions that may arise from reading the report, a chat window will open in the site between the patient and the professional in order to clarify any doubts.

  • Medical reports or other records that clinical professionals have carried out
  • Analysis result reports and any other complementary tests
  • X-rays (in DICOM / JPG / TIFF format) between 1MB and 3MB in size
  • Standard rate: between 4 and 7 calendar days - 195€