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Marta Sitges is cardiologist, Chief of the Clínic Cardiovascular Institute, Chief of the non-invasive cardiologic diagnosis section and responsible for the Work Group in Sports Cardiology of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.
She had completed the Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery in Autonomous University of Barcelona and from 2001 she works as a cardiologist in Hospital Clínic Barcelona. She also had worked in Cleveland Clinic Foundation specialized in Echocardiography.
In 2003 she obtained the Doctorate from the University of Barcelona. She is Associate Professor of Medicine of the University of Barcelona.
She has managed several doctoral thesis having presented more than 300 national and international presentations and she had published more than 150 scientific articles in international magazines.
The main areas of expertise are Cardiac Imaging technique (Echocardiography, MRI, Stress test) for the diagnosis of cardiovascular illness, heart valve disease and sport cardiology, focused on the study of the heart adaptation to the chronic training and the management of the heart diseases in people who do sports. In these issues, she is the international cardiologist of reference as she is supported to be invited to give presentations and to revise scientific articles and her bibliography quotations.
She is also member of the Directive Comity of the Heart Valve Society; cardiologist of reference of FC Barcelona
and the program of High Catalan performance of the General Secretary of Sport.

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Marta Sitges

A team of professionals of international prestige issue a medical report on the basis of medical reports and evidence provided by the patient, offering a second opinion on his case.

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1. Record

In paragraph reason for consultation the patient will explain everything you need to know about your pregnancy.

You will then be asked to attach medical documentation available. We recommend that before starting the second opinion request, gather all the medical information that will attach. (See next section Documentation required).

Your doctor can provide you with an updated summary of his medical history including her current treatment.

Later asked for data on the patient, and if the / the applicant second opinion is different from a third patient, for example a doctor, they also ask your data.

2. Payment

It will have three means of secure payments: credit card, paypal or bank transfer.

You will receive an email confirming your payment after it has proof of payment.

3. Report

With consultation and medical documentation attached, our professional broadcast a report from a second medical opinion in accordance with the set time (see next section on response times and rates). Once the medical report, the patient will receive an email with the username and password for secure access to second medical opinions portal where you can view and download the report.

From that moment, and only for questions that may arise with reading the report, open a chat portal between the patient and the professional to clarify any questions.

Medical reports or clinical files that other professionals has provided to you.

Electrocardiogram images (JPEG, PDF or similar format).

Echocardiography images or Cardiac MRI (DICOM, AVI or MPEG format). It is necessary that the images have to be shown in movement.

Images of CT Scan or coronary catheterization. Images format (JPEG or similar) or video (DICOM, AVI or MPEG).

Standard service: 7 days (300 €)